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Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968 - Guestbook

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Raymond LeTellier - 06-08-2008
I haven't been in Huntington since 1969--it was weird getting a phone call from someone from WWHS!  the website is definitely a stroll down memory lane for me!!
Rita Amato TenBroeck - 06-06-2008
Wow, I'm amazed that this HS wallflower has been located despite many moves!
This is awesome!   I'll be in touch and thanks Katie for the call!
Diana Coles Haselmyer - 06-05-2008
Greetings from sunny Florida!  How wonderful to see so many more find 'our' website and speak up.  I find it funny how I cannot remember what I wanted to say a few minutes ago, but I do remember each of your names after 40 years!
The reunion will be a great thing for sure. May everyone travel safely, even the ones who stayed 'home' in Huntington, where my heart is.
Chris (Furst) Furbank-Deter - 05-13-2008
Who would believe that after 40 years I'd end up in El Paso, TX. but my heart will always be in Hutington and memories in the halls of Walt Whitman.  Don't hesitate to email; cdeter@amgen.com or call; 915-252-8703
Bob Galagaran - 05-04-2008
Hello to all;

I was a year 69 But most of my friends where 68.

I will try to get some 69 er's to show up Frank Pecorella, Bobbie Joyce
Louise Depardieu Smith - 05-01-2008
Hello --what fun it is to browse through this web site.  Thank you everyone who made this possible.  I am planning on attending our 40th and this really motivates me!!   It is so good to see familiar names and faces and it brings back wonderful memories.
Guy Taglienti - 04-14-2008
Hello class of 68 my sister linda Taglienti graduated with all of you . I graduated the year after.
Linda passed away about 7 years ago . If any of you remember Linda then you know how special she was . Linda suffered with MS for about ten years , before passing from the complications of the disease.
Frank J Brignoli - 04-07-2008
What a Great Place to Remember!
So many names pushed way back in my mind until I went thru the Yearbook and 'Instant Recall'
I was in my own world during High School and didn't even make the Yearbook, but my memories of seeing all of you were Awesome.
I live in Florida and do not get to visit my old friends at all but this site really touched my heart.
I wish you all well!
James Polansky - 03-20-2008
Hello to the class of 1968.  I received an e-mail from Mr. Vaughn Olson suggesting I take a look at your site.  Quite impressive!  Since my arrival at Whitman 6 years ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting and communicating with several members of your class.  It is obvious that Wildcat pride is enduring and that the memories are everlasting.  

Best wishes, health and happiness.

Jim Polansky, Whitman Principal
Russ Huber '65 - 03-16-2008
Katie etal,

I love the site!  Names jog even some memories for this old geezer!  

Incidentally,  I had Hoisington for Math.  She was one of the most difficult teachers I ever survived!  Just another quick blurb of information about her to add:  she loved teaching so much she turned down a job  from  IBM which offerred her 3 or 4 times her teaching salary.  She wanted to mold young minds.  Not sure she molded them, but...
Martha  SanAntonio  Eagle - 03-06-2008
Thank You for the call and thank you Smitty .   I  love the web site very nice job. It is so nice to  be able to get in touch with everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone at  the reunion.        Have a great day,  Martha
Katie Fahnestock Kingston - 03-06-2008
OK, so I'm not really a GUEST, I'm more of a permanent inhabitant... but Smitty, I wanted to thank you so much for the incredible section about 1968 in Review - it's just awesome, what you got squeezed into that space.  Fran Spatafora has sent me BOOM! by Tom Brokaw about our era - he really concentrates on 1968 as a pivotal year, and it really WAS, when you sit down and read that 5 minute summary of what went on.  Anyway, I know how much work you have put into this site and into that section and EVERY section here, and I thank you for caring so much!!!  
Sharon Ginsberg Dorsey - 03-05-2008
Great Website...just spent the past hour perusing it!  Looking forward to dinner with the local gang living in the DC area as well as coming back to Huntington in the fall!
Dearl Williams Topping - 02-21-2008
I am so glad I saw Gary Moore. He told me about the website. I almost started to cry to see all the pictures of past classmates. I was very touched by the In Memory site. I did not know we had lost so many classmates. God Bless each of us who are still here. Your website is absolutely beautiful and fantastic!
Kathleen Brennan Miceli - 02-20-2008
I have been enjoying this site for months, and each week I check to see who else has joined. Today I took advantage of the info that it contains and reached out to an old friend, Stephanie Ruck. I e-mailed her and she answered back, we shared old memories and news of life over the last 40 years, as it has been that long since we have spoken. I am so glad that I finally got around to it, and we plan to continue corresponding as you can not squeeze 40 years in 1 e-mail.. I plan to reach out to other old friends and welcome anyone who would like to contact me.

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