Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968
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Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968 - Message Board

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Vaughn Olson
09-16-2008 08:19pm
We approached one another with uncertain recognition on Friday night, and then the long overdue hug. Before we moved on to others, Bob Pendel said to me 'Thanks for the card.' I was a bit confused as I was certain I had not sent a card nor a letter to Bob - as far as I knew, he was never missing. I replied that he must be thinking of someone else. 'No, Vaughn, it was you, think 'Swimming''. NOW I WAS totally confused.... Later on Friday eve, a gal I consider a close friend enlightened me - I had completely forgotten how 35 years ago I was home from Europe on leave, and read a newspaper report about Bob Pendel successfully swimming the English Channel. And what the hell, I mailed him a card of congratulations. I think it was 1973....

I had allowed time and life's distractions to let it slip from memory.

On Saturday night, we crossed paths again as the rock 'n roll played. I thanked Bob for reminding me - it turns out that Bob still has that card safely tucked into his scrapbook of accomplishments - and I am exceedingly flattered.

This little story is just one of many I cherish from the past week.

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