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Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968 - Message Board

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Deborah Harty
09-15-2008 08:11pm
I want to thank the entire Reunion Committee for a Fantastic Walt Whitman  High School 40th  Reunion.
I went to both Friday Night's Cocktail Party and the  Reunion Dinner  on Saturday night.  I haven't stopped smiling yet.  It was a huge success.  All of your hard work really paid off.  
Friday night was so much fun seeing everyone.  It was great talking, laughing and, of course, drinking together just like the good old days.  Then Saturday night was a blast.  The DJ was outstanding.  You barely could find an empty spot on the dance floor, and the dinner was superb.

The weekend went by so fast, it is hard to believe it is over.  I miss everyone already, and I can't wail till the 45th!  

Thank you again.
Debbie Binder

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Marylou La Sala   (Russo)
09-16-2008 09:35pm
I am still flying high. I haven't had this much fun in years. I saw Patti Ventura (Kolendra) on Sunday afternoon. She was so sorry she couldn't be with us this weekend but I filled her in.  I couldn't stop raving about seeing all  of our classmates. What I really loved was that there were no barriers anymore. Do you know what I mean? No cliques or predjudices. We were all just friends that hadn't seen each other in years. There were stories to be told; family pictures to share. Even if we weren't close in school it didn't matter. It was just party time and reconnecting time. People were walking up to me, putting out there hands to introduce themselves, how wonderful!!! My cheeks hurt when I got home from smiling so much.     I'd like to thank the guys that were on the school tour for helping me with my walker. I will be forever grateful for the help. I hadn't been back to the school since graduation day and it was so marvelous to be there. I was just disappointed with the library. That room hasn't changed at all really. I think the library deserves an ugrade!!
Saturday night was great too. The music was great; I just wish I could have danced: I have severe arthritis with degenerative disc disease that has eaten up every disc in my spine so I have bone on bone. Next year I will have the necessary surgery to correct it. Then I'll be the bionic woman.    When I get a hold of my son, I will post some of the great pictures I took. I just don't know how to do that by myself. See I'm showing my age. But that's okay because all of us are the same age, give or take a few months, haha. Be well, Marylou

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Vaughn Olson
09-16-2008 09:55pm
Mary Lou,

You've got two new fans in North Carolina - my stepdaughter Lenara and
my wife Elvira are fighting over who gets to wear your gift first....For those
wondering, Mary Lou sent me home with handcrafted jewelry for my beloved.

It hurt her to not be able to attend with me, and your kindness is most
appreciated. It was sweet to see you once again...

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