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Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968 - Message Board

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Camille Giorgio
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Amelia Ryan
11-17-2018 10:38pm
Hi, I’m looking for information or stories about my mother Camille. She passed away from breast cancer when I a small child. Were you her best friend? Did you take her on a date? Any memories that you are willing to share would be appreciated. I’m trying to piece together all I can to share with my children.

Re: Camille Giorgio
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Robert Lowy
01-05-2019 07:54pm
Hello Amelie,

I lived at 39 EF Lane, across the street from Camille (and Tommy & elder sister (Joann?).  Camy was a beautiful person...I have a whopper for you from the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965.  Write me anytime...I cannot remember many specifics but your mother and I were in many grade schools together.  I have photos in storage (but difficult to access).  

Last time I saw Tommy, he was police officer in Tyler TX circa 1975'ish...how is he?

Robert (Robb) Lowy

Re: Camille Giorgio
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Dr.Michael Levrini, CDR USN Ret
01-16-2019 03:55am
Hello Amelia:
I am very sorry to learn about you losing your Mom as a young child. I learned some years ago about her passing, I think it was at a high school reunion. She was so young and beautiful especially her smile.  We dated for a short time after we both graduated from Whitman. It was a hard time for me after breaking up with my high school girlfriend and dealing with the decision about whether to go to college or off to the Vietnam War. When we were together, your mom gave me as a gift a high-quality sweater that I still have. It does not fit any longer since the years have changed my size. You are welcome to have it if you like. Feel free to contact me at my home phone 703-742-9285 or my email mglevrini@gmail.com.
Best Regards,
Mike Levrini

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