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Walt Whitman High School Class of 1968 - Message Board

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George Maselli
10-14-2013 11:40am
To all alumni,

If you are in town on Saturday 11/2/13, the 4 piece band is playing at Walt Whitman High School from 7:30-9:00PM. In th auditorium! $10 cover goes to support district 13. George Maselli and Larry CARPICO are from the class of 1968 on guitar and drums. This will be a blast. Please try to make it there!  Www.leftjabrocks.com.  

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Bobby Greco
10-14-2013 08:41pm
George - you guys were wonderful at reunion. thanks again.

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Vaughn Olson
10-15-2013 11:55am
Wish I could be there. One day, George, one day...

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Lynne Damrau - Markgraf
10-16-2013 10:02pm
I totally agree with Bob.  The band was the best and I wish we had you Saturday night for at least a while, as well.  Thanks to all for a great time.  I wish the Class of '1969 (mine) were as well-organized at reunion planning.  Thanks to Rich, Garry, Bobby and all the dedicated people who put these last two reunions together.  I had a memorable weekend!

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Rick Smith
10-18-2013 07:52pm
A Great job by Left Jab made for a special evening. Glad every  one had a great time and all went smooth

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George Maselli
10-30-2013 11:03pm
I can't believe that in less than 48 hours Larry and I will be rocking with the band right in The Whitman auditorium. I wish you all could be there!

Re: Reunions
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Perry Walker
10-31-2013 01:49pm
Hello classmates!  I hope we’re all in good health and I want to deeply encourage every single person to consider joining us for the 50th in a few years (they go by so quickly!) and many more beyond that.  I join in the efforts already undertaken to be of help to anyone who can’t quite add up the expense to come.  Thanks Mike G.!  I enclose my number and postal address to be reached (with apologies for my old fashioned 20th Century communication mode).   Ours is a unique brand of celebrating, not at all of any kind of excess and absolutely derived from a wholesome and warm appreciation of genuine family and neighborhood memories, sprinkled with an abundance of chuckles and embraces.  Memories of our loving parents, departed companions, teachers, administrators, coaches and local clergy who guided us color every grin and tender gesture.  We are simply the world’s champions at this warmhearted ritual, too bad it can’t be an annual!  Halloween gives me goose bumps recalling trick or treating and especially the classroom parties adorned with decorations (the “Monster Mash” classic!) and the fall foliage shining through the windows of each of our 8 beloved elementary schools.  The “Woods and Hills”, plus good old Central – to say nothing for high school days nestled deep within the embrace of Jayne’s Hill.  How about transistor radios to listen to the World Series between the Yanks and Cardinals in ’69, plus the lovable early Met years!  And a November day in 1963 that shocked and thrust us into the adult world.  I want to thank everyone whose efforts and ideas have contributed to each party’s planning, all the way back to the Town House and its treasure trove of memories (an Ali fight on closed circuit that night!)  Speaking of the Town House, how about Senior Night and those outrageous fancy tuxes of Richie Mills, Chuckie Kowalski, Tom Azzarro and their crew!  Special thanks to the committees and K.T. and Mike R. for putting us on the 5 year plan at 35.  And I know the tireless efforts of the 40 and 45 committees, Val, Lorraine, Loretta, Pat, Trudy, Garry, Harry, Richie and Bob, whose sacrifice of time keeps this magic alive for all of us.  Theirs is a thankless but remarkable behind the scenes job that pays off in heartfelt warmth and plenty of delightful tunes for George and the guys in the band, shades of The Abstracts and Moosetown raid (where are you Larry Cohen?).  Please try to join us for a taste of this truly sweet, sentimental journey down memory lane that greatly helps to keep us pumping these days!  Everyone is warmly welcome!  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.  God bless us, everyone!
October 30, 2013 Love you all,
P.O. Box 610226
Bronx, NY 10461

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ken heinrich
10-31-2013 05:06pm
Sounds like the reunion went well  . I graduated in the class of 1970 .  Class of 1968 has a wonderful  website . Even to this day I have a great memories  of all the seniors  in the class of 1968 that I played baseball with when I was a Soph.   It is amazing that everyone stays in touch with each other .  Back in those days so many kids went through K-12 together they were able to develope very close relationships .  That was a special period of time.  It is very difficult these days to go through K-12 together with so much moving around .  

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